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Learn more about Carpet Recycling …

Did you know that carpets have been recycled across Manchester since 2008? 

Each year the UK creates approximately 400,000 tonnes of carpet waste and back in the day around 98% of this was going to landfill.  Now, with the efforts and collaborations assisted by ‘Carpet Recycling UK’ almost 60% of that is now being recycled.  Continuous advancements in technology means that industry is finding more ways to recycling carpets.

Wool Carpets can be recycled and re-purposed to manufacture new underlay, sound and heat insulation.

Synthetic Carpets are mostly used for equestrian surfaces but technology is finding new ways of re-purposing the nylon and polypropylene properties into engineering projects and machine parts. 

How to Recycle your old Carpets for FREE …

Most recycling centres across the Stockport, Altrincham and South Manchester areas have carpet and vinyl flooring recycling facilities.  As a domestic customer you can take your old carpets, free of charge to your local centre.

See below a list of recycling centres in the local area that recycle carpets:

  • Adswood Road Recycling Centre, Adswood Road, Cheadle, SK8 5QY
  • Bayley Street Recycling Centre, Bayley Street, Stalybridge, SK15 1PZ
  • Boysnope Wharf Recycling Centre, Liverpool Road, Eccles, M30 7RH
  • Bredbury Parkway Recycling Centre, Bredbury, SK6 2SN
  • Longley Lane Recycling Centre, Longley Lane, Sharston, M22 4RQ
  • Poynton Recycling Centre, Anson Road, Poynton, Stockport, SK12 1TD
  • Rose Hill Recycling Centre, Railway Road, Rose Hill, Marple, SK6 6HU
  • Woodhouse Lane Recycling Centre, Sinderland Road, Altrincham, WA14 5TB
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If you need help…

Alongside our standard fitting service we can also help you with the uplift and removal or your old flooring.  There is a charge for this service as our local recycling centres don’t let us tip for free.  For details of the charges involved please get in touch.

Learn more about recycling facilities in the Stockport and South Manchester area by visiting:

Repurpose instead of Recycle…

The most popular use for offcuts and old carpets is to make rugs and runners in busy areas of the home such as hallways and utility rooms.  So as the offcuts don’t fray you can easily organise for the edges to be whipped up.  We highly recommend RGN Supplies in Stockport.  Call 0161 406 7557 and ask for Steve.

Here are some other ideas that we have found online for ways of re-purposing your old carpets around your home:

  • Save your knees – Use it to kneel on for DIY & Gardening jobs
  • Entertain your cats – Make a scratching post for your cats
  • Keep your car clean – Cut pieces up and put them in your car boot for protection
  • Spare Mats – You could always make some spare mats for your car or hallway
  • Warm feet in the Garage – Carpet offcuts are great for garage floors
  • Animal Shelters – Donate it to animal shelters as bedding
  • Garden Weed Protection – Turn it upside and place it on your garden borders to protect from weeds
  • Cupboard Flooring – Place at the bottom of uncarpeted wardrobes or cupboards
  • Fun for the Kids – Use inside kids playhouses
  • Padding for Ponds – Create garden pond lining for padding and insulation

If you have any other fun ideas on what you can do with your old carpets then we would love to hear from you.

For more information and advice visit:

I hope this article has been of interest and if you have any further questions or if you’d like to book a consultation then please click here. We offer free estimates in your home and bring all of our sample books to you.

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