Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions in relation to our carpets and flooring service.


Do you have a shop?

No – we don’t have a shop.  We offer a choose at home service which means we bring all of our carpet, laminate, lvt and vinyl sample books to your home.

Not having a carpet shop allows us to keep our overheads low and our prices competitive for our customers.

Who will be coming to my home?

It depends on which area you live in as we have two branches.  If you live in the Stockport and Didsbury areas then it will most likely be David who comes out.  However, if you live in the Altrincham and Trafford region that is will be Theo.

To find out more about David and Theo click here.

Do you sell Roll Ends?

We do not stock or sell roll-ends.  All of the carpet and vinyl we order is pre-cut to size by the manufacturer. 

As we don’t have a shop we don’t have the capacity to stock full rolls.  We only buy what our customers need which keeps our overheads low.

Can you fit flooring that we've bought from elsewhere?

No unfortunately we don’t offer a ‘fitting only’ service.  Our fitting teams are  busy completing jobs for our customers which is our priority. 

Also, if there’s a problem with the sizes or quality of flooring you have purchased we would be unable to take resposbility for this and could cause a dispute.

Is there a delivery charge?

We never charge for delivery if we are fitting our own products.  Our fitters will bring all of your flooring and accessories to your home on the day of fitting. 

Delivery is included as part of their service which is always included in our quotation.

Which flooring is best for pets?

We have lots of flooring choices and options for pet owners.  Carpets are the most difficult to keep clean when it comes to pet friendly flooring but that doesn’t mean it’s not suitable.  We would certainly suggest keeping away from loop pile carpets as pets, especially cats, like to claw at it. 

Vinyl and LVT are moppable and scratch resistant – some vinyls are textured too which means they are less slippy for your pets’ paws. 

Laminate flooring is also a really good option but it should be dry-mopped.

During your appointment we can go through the different options available and recommend the best choice for you and your home.

Do you give an eta for the fitters?

Yes – there’s nothing worse than waiting in all day and wondering where the fitters are.

On the morning of the fitting we will ring you before 10.30am and give you an approximate time when you can expect the fitter to arrive.

Can you take up my old carpets and flooring?

We always ask our customers to uplift their existing carpets and flooring before our fitters arrive.  This saves them time and effort. 

If you require assistance with this, or would simply prefer our fitters to do this for you, we can discuss the options with you. 

There is a small charge for the ‘uplift’ service.

Can you help move my furniture?

It is essential that your room is clear of furniture before we arrive.  If you need assistance with your furniture please let us know prior to the fitting date.

We can help you move your furniture for a small charge which is to cover the fitter’s time and effort on the day.

Do you offer a waste removal service?

Most recycling centres across the Stockport, Altrincham and South Manchester areas have carpet and vinyl flooring recycling facilities. 

As a domestic customer you can take your old carpets, free of charge to your local centre. 

However, as a trade customer we are charged to dispose of any waste – therefore if you would like us the remove the waste for you there will be a charge.  

Please visit our blog for more information: https://outandaboutcarpets.co.uk/all-articles/carpet-recycling-all-you-need-to-know/

We only use licensed and reputable waste removal companies.

Will your fitters vacuum up?

Our fitters do not offer a vacuum service. We have considered offering this service but it would increase the cost of our fitting service and most customers are happy to vacuum up themselves.

If this is really important to you please let us know during your initial appointment and we will be able to add the service on for you.

Do you sell all the accessories we need?

Yes, ofcourse.  Whichever flooring you decide on we will supply and fit everything you need to complete the job. 

For example with carpet orders we will be able to supply underlay, gripper sticks, door plates and adhesive. 

Laminate orders are a little more complicated as beading, foamboard underlay, pipe rings and incizo plates are optional and differ from job to job.

What underlay do you recommend?

We are often asked for ‘thick underlay’ but a thick underlay isn’t always a sign of quality.  What you need to ask for is the tog rating and density of the underlay.

Our best selling underlay is 145kg/m3 with a tog rating of 3.1.  This means better comfort, heat insulation, sound proofing and long term wear.  It is a ‘PU Foam’ underlay which is made from recylced materials and can be recycled after use too.  It is very hard wearing and will not powder.

All of our underlays are competitively priced – we never inflate the retail price of our accessories to cover the cost of offers such as free fitting.

Is new underlay essential?

Yes – new underlay is very important when buying new carpets.  Most of the comfort you feel underfoot comes from the underlay.  Please also note that most manufacturer warranties are invalid without it.

What can I do with my carpet waste and off-cuts?

Any left-over off-cuts from your job can be cut to any size or shape to make mats and runners. 

We will source the best matching thread and organise for your carpet to be professionally overlocked. 

If you’d prefer to organise this yourself we are happy to recommend local overlockers.

What guarantees do you offer?

All of our flooring comes with full manufacturer’s guarantees. Some offer up to 10 years wear and stain warranties which are automatically available to you. 

Carpet warranties are usually only valid if you purchase new underlay at the same time.  If you have a genuine fault or complaint with your new flooring we can arrange professional, independent and unbiased inspections.

Our fitting service comes with a 12 month guarantee and, in the unlikely event of a problem, we are fully insured.

It’s also worth remembering that we don’t request your final balance payment until after fitting.  This gives our customers extra peace of mind.