Flecked Lounge Carpet

Choosing flooring can be a difficult task. Would a flecked lounge carpet be suitable for your home?


It is a great, practical choice for a family home compared to a plain carpet.” – David O’Neill, Owner, Out & About.

Project Description

The carpet shown here has got a very slight fleck, which can also be referred to as a heather.  Flecked Carpet can hide a multitude of sins, whether it be dog hair, crumbs or slight stains.

This actual carpet is called Parma. It is an economical choice and it has a twist pile which makes it generally very hard wearing and suited to lounges or hall stairs and landings.

Choosing the Right Carpet For Your Home.

With flecked carpet – you need to think about where it’s going to go, what function it will fulfill and how hard-wearing it needs to be. The main benefits are;

  • Less hoovering required
  • Can tone with numerous colours
  • Can hides stains and marks in the pile
  • Less likely to show shading
  • Minimises shading in foot flow areas
  • Ideal for families

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