Plain Vinyl Bathroom Flooring

Laminate effect kitchen vinyl floor is waterproof and very easy to clean. It is a great compromise for people who want laminate flooring in their kitchen but need a waterproof solution.


Looks fabulous and vinyl flooring is waterproof – with non-slip protection, making it a sound choice for kitchens and bathrooms.” – David O’Neill, Owner, Out & About.

Project Description

The flooring shown in this image was fitted into a domestic kitchen in Stockport.

We visited the property and spent time with the customer discussing colours and choices until they were happy with the colour match.

Laminate flooring can work out quite expensive due to the amount of accessories and high labour costs involved.

Vinyl flooring is a lot quicker to fit and a lot less accessories are needed which keeps the costs down.

Why Choose Our Vinyl Flooring

Our service is very personalised and we tailor every order to you and your home.

If you would like us to call to your home for a free estimate then please contact David on 07766 087678 or email today.

vinyl kitchen flooring