Revolution Twist Lounge Carpet

Darren of Woodhouse Park in Manchester wanted a cost effective hard wearing carpet for his lounge. The Revolution Twist Lounge Carpet was the perfect choice for his home.


The vast majority of carpets on the market are man made and polypropylene is the most popular.” – David O’Neill, Owner, Out & About.

Project Description

The colour is quite typical of the market as it is much more practical choice than a beige or cream colour.

The Revolution Twist Lounge Carpet is rated as heavy domestic, stain resistant and lower in price than most others.

Revolution is very versatile and can be used in most rooms and it is also great for halls, stairs and landings.

It’s easy to maintain and hoover because of its’ short compact pile. Stains aren’t a problem either because it can be cleaned using a part bleach solution.

Darren was very happy with his selection and I’m sure it will stay looking good for many years to come because it’s also fade resistant.

Choosing the Right Carpet For Your Home.

The main benefits of this carpet are;

  • Available in numerous colours
  • Short and compact making it ideal for heavy use
  • Family friendly and easy to maintain
  • Cost effective, a cheaper alternative to a wool carpet
  • Stain resistant bleach cleanable pile

If you would like us to call to your home for a free estimate then please contact David on 07766 087678 or email today.

Brown Revolution Twist Lounge Carpet in Manchester