Pownall Fenland Berber Elite Twist

We recently visited a customer in Cheadle Hulme who wanted me to replace her water damaged 80/20 wool carpet. Find out how I sourced the same carpet and saved money for the client.


Our experience means whether you are looking for a long-term investment or something less expensive we will be able to help..” – David O’Neill, Owner, Out & About.

Project Description

The customer wanted the same carpet because she didn’t want to change to a different quality. She liked the way it matched her interior décor and was aware of how good it had worn over the years.

I sourced the same carpet for her which was called “Pownall Fenland Berber Elite Twist” … and I even beat the local competitor’s price!

Wool Carpets – A Long-Term Investment

80/20 Wool carpets are usually around 2-3 times the price of a similar man made version. Wool carpets are considered more of an investment for long term wear.

They will retain their looks longer because they are mixed with nylon for the ideal combination to maximise resilience and wear.

The main problem with wool carpets is that they are not easy to clean. If you live in a busy home with pets then it would be wise to consider alternative options. If you are unsure which carpet is the best for you then get in touch.

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