Probably one of the biggest concerns a client will have when it comes to making major purchases, is actually seldom to do with cost.

If you are looking to replace your carpets or flooring, there is a general acceptance that there will be certain costs involved if you would like a quality in the standard of product and service.

So before taking someone on to fulfil the task, most clients’ biggest concerns are more often than not, “can these people deliver me the quality in product and service I am looking for?”

The internet is where most people turn to these days, and the way we are using it is changing. Rather than just being a “search” platform, people can now chatter and discuss their needs more openly than ever before.

Social Media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook mean that more and more people are asking openly on there “who would you recommend for X,Y, or Z?” with fellow users then providing a recommendation.

Customer Recommendations Can Say More About A Business Than The Business Can!

In my experience, customer recommendations are probably the most trusted source of us being appointed. And with many websites now carrying rating systems and the opportunity to leave feedback, the onus is on businesses to provide quality products AND quality service like never before.

Even still, on the web, can “reviews” really be trusted? Both good and bad? Realistically any business worth it’s salt will display it’s good reviews, which we do on here, but ultimately these alone wouldn’t be enough alone to convince someone looking for that definitive assurance.

That is why when we are accepted onto something as trustworthy as the Business Approval Register, then we know we must be doing a lot of things right!