Flattening of the Pile

Carpet is a soft, luxurious product and flattening of the pile will occur as a natural result of use.  The sides of the pile appear a slightly different shade in colour to the ends.  Therefore, any flattening will change the apparent colour of the carpet.  It can sometimes look patchy when the use of the carpet varies in different areas.  Such shading and flattening is not a fault.  Areas with busy foot traffic, twists and turns (near stairs and in front of seating) can be especially prone to such changes in appearance.

Berber carpets use random blends of colours which as a result may give a lined effect. These characteristics do not affect the wearing properties of the carpet.  During transportation and storage carpet pile may become slightly flattened and this may show as shaded bands across the pile.  These will disappear as the carpet settles into its new environment and as the pile is flexed through use and vacuum cleaning.


All carpets benefit from the installation of a good quality underlay.  Re-using existing underlay may result in abnormal flattening of the pile and invalidate manufacturers wear warranties.  The samples used by Out & About Carpets are intended to give a general impression of the colour and pattern.  When fitted to a larger area some patterns and apparently random blends of yarn can have a striped effect which is inherent of the pattern.

Cancellations and Refunds

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