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Our Best Selling Carpets are Twist Piles

We have a wide range of carpets available to choose from and every year our best selling ranges are Twist Pile Carpets.  Even though they are our most popular type of carpet we are still often asked “What is Twist Pile Carpet?”.  So we have decided to write this article.

What is Twist Pile Carpet?

Carpet manufacturers make Twist Pile Carpets by tightly twisting yarns together then trimming them to create an upright pile.  These are then referred to as either single ply or 2ply carpets.

Twist Pile carpet is available in lots of different colours and patterns including plain, heather and flecked designs.  Carpet manufacturers often have twist pile carpet ranges made using a variety of different materials including man-made polypropylene and natural wool fibres.

To achieve the best feel under-foot we always recommend a short, compact twist pile carpet laid on-top of a high quality, high density underlay.  The compact pile is dense and means there is less chance of flattening.  Flattening is not covered by any wear warranty.  We also recommend a top quality underlay to achieve the best wear and longevity out of your new carpet.  Most carpet manufacturer guarantees are invalid without the use of new underlay so always allow for this in your budget.

Popular Choice for Busy Family Homes

Most of our Twist Pile Carpets are suitable for Heavy Domestic Use which makes them really popular with busy families.  We would recommend vacuuming your carpet at least twice a week to maintain the appearance but apart from that they are pretty much maintenance free.

If you have pets such as dogs and cats twist pile carpets are perfect.  We definitely wouldn’t recommend a loop-pile carpet as pets like to claw at the pile and can easily damage your new carpet.

Most of our customers choose twist pile carpets for their living rooms and bedrooms.  They are also ideal for stairs and landings and in other heavy traffic areas around your home.

There are so many carpet colours available just let us know what you’d like and we will bring the samples to you.  Our choose at home service means you can perfectly match your new carpets to your existing home décor.  The most popular twist pile carpet colours at the moment are grey and earthy tones.

If you are struggling to find an exact match then you’ll be excited to learn that Westex Carpets offer a bespoke carpet colour matching service – contact us for more information about this service.

Should you choose a Synthetic or Wool Carpet?

Twist Pile carpets are made using different fibres.  We have the following choices available:

  • Polypropylene
  • 80/20 Wool (80% wool & 20% synthetic)

Polypropylene is a man-made fibre which makes it very durable and easy to clean.  In-fact, polypropylene carpets are famous for being bleach cleanable and many come with generous stain and wear warranties.  Polypropylene carpets are also less likely to fade in sunlight and are a more cost effective option compared to wool carpets.

Wool carpets, on the other hand, are resistant to dirt due to the natural oils within the fibres.  Mud is easy to remove – simply wait for it to dry then vacuum it away but wine and coffee stains will be more difficult to remove as they have a tendency to dye the fibres.  The other benefit to wool carpets is that they  have a great reputation for longevity and will hold their appearance for many years. They are definitely worth the investment as not only are they fire resistant they are also naturally hypo-allergenic.  Feel free to discuss the pricing, benefits and options with us during your appointment.

Lots of Choice – Straight from your Door to your Floor!

We have an extensive range of Twist Pile Carpets available for you to choose from.  Our Choose at Home service is unrivalled in the South Manchester region.  Simply Book an Appointment and we will call round with all of our sample books.  We cover Stockport, Altrincham and all areas of South Manchester.  If you’d like to ask whether we cover your area feel free to call us on 07766 087678.

Other Types of Carpet

If you’re not sure whether a Twist Pile Carpet would suit you and your home then don’t worry because there are other popular styles to choose from.  Other carpet styles include Loop Pile, Saxony, Berber and Velvet.  We will happily go through all the options and discuss suitability with you during your appointment. 

Don’t worry because we don’t just sell carpet!  We also supply and fit slip resistant vinyl flooring, laminate flooring and LVT.  To book a free appointment simply click the button below:

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